Wednesday, 13 May 2015

In Jakarta.

Jakarta, Indonesia,
2 - 4 May 2015.

It was really unplanned, for me at least, since I had couples of time insisted not to go. I even cried to my mom and my sisters! A super short visit to Jakarta for an important event.

Again, last minute MAS Airlines return tickets were finally booked, with mixed feelings, I'd to go.

We arrived at the airport around 1 p.m. Later we were brought straight away to Tamrin City Mall. Crowded roads, crowded with vehicles, crowded with people. And we had more less 2 hours to shop for everything.

Since it was not enough time to shop (which I didn't bother to do anyway), the next day we went to Tanah Abang and this time we bought more, especially since Raya celebration is coming soon. At 1 p.m. we came back to the hotel and get ready for the real purpose of coming to Jakarta; attending a wedding.

The next day I'd to catch up my flight alone at 9.40 a.m., while the others at 11.40 a.m. As I arrived at KLIA, I asked Petot to fetch me at KL Central with banner and teddy bear, and she came out with this. Hahaa, fine. Still cute thou.

Well, I am really glad its over and back in KL. No more sinetrons, no more fake smiles.

Later Petot and I went to Shah Alam for Ayam Penyet and Cuppa Teh Tarik. Gossiping, and a super looooooooong rant.

P.s. Again, I don't bother to take photos, and didn't even bring camera with me. Travelling without camera is so not me.

P.s.p.s. Glad that there are still some people who want to hear my concerns and comfort me in many ways, including him :)



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