Monday, 11 May 2015

15.03.2015 Farra's wedding.

It's been almost three months I left my blog unintended. For some reasons, I didn't have mood to write, to post photos and to publish anything. Now I need to clean up my phone's memory storage so I thought, perhaps I should transfer the photos and make an update. A quick one.

Ohhh I don't think its gonna be a quick one.

I know Farra since we both studied Master's degree at UiTM, and I met her for the first time during interview for scholarship. It was a quick meeting but as senior (or someone older.. blugghh face it Ajian!) I have a good impression of her.

Well, studying Master in UiTM was difficult to me, in fact I believe it was difficult to all of us under this 'special' program. Ohh don't make me think of every single detail of it! But Alhamdulillah, somehow she makes me went through this easier.. and we share so much things in common! From Shah Alam to Stuttgart, we have been good friends, spent so much time and did travel together. Especially Istanbul, yes, we went there only two of us, and that place becomes the most memorable place I ever visited!

And on March 15, together with Steffen, our classmate from Stuttgart and my friend Petot, we drove all the way to Muar to celebrate her becoming a wife. Congratulations Paraahhh!

After the wedding, not in our plan, we stopped by at Pasar Malam, and later at the Dataran Tanjung Emas Muar to witness the sunset.

At night, as Farra suggested, we went to eat Mee Bandung at the popular Mee Bandung Abang Sayang. It was delishhhh, and highly recommended! I was thinking of tapau-ing for my family but too many customers, and we were quite in rush since Steffen needed to catch the bus to Farid's wedding in Terengganu.

Later at night after we drop off Steffen at the bus station, we wanted to grab coffee at any random cafe, but it was late and most of the shops are closed. So we bought Nescafe in tin, drove back and reached KL at midnight.

At 2 a.m. I woke up from sleep because of stomachache. And it continued at 3, 4 and 5 a.m.. I had diarrhea! Later I asked Petot if she felt sick, and she said yes. And poor Steffen.. Couldn't imagine him on the bus for 8 hours.. 

P.s. Later Steffen told me that he found 'something' in his mee bandung, and it was too late to tell as we have finished all in the plate! LOL. Ni takde orang tahu pasal ni including Parahh hehee


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