Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Last bits of memory from Germany.

So my last five boxes shipped from Germany have arrived today. And somehow I feel happy and sad at the same time. Since I keep most of my clothes in the boxes to reduce weight of my luggages to give more space for souvenirs (17 kilos! and only 13 kilos for my stuff including clothes sobs), I am happy to get all my clothes now, though not many suited Malaysia's hot weather. Pfft.

But I feel rather sad.. that I am all here, I mean.. my stuff, myself, not related to Germany anymore. The feelings that make me feel it's impossible to get back to Germany any longer.

However, the kids were so excited to see my boxes and expected to receive more souvenirs from their Aunt. Lucky that I kept some more for them in one of the boxes!

P.s. And the only thing that keep my heart in Germany.. is him ;)

with love,

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