Saturday, 14 February 2015

Featured in JOM Magazine.

Hello peeps! The Editor of JOM Magazine stumbled upon my website a few months ago and asked for permission to publish some photos from my blogspot. FYI, JOM Magazine is the first and only Malaysian community magazine in Australia. 

And here I received a hardcopy of the magazine, with my name written at the second last line in this page, if you can see it. A very tiny one thou hahaa. 

And the photo was taken from this entry. Guess which one is the photo? hehee

But the sweetest thing I received this morning is definitely this sweet message made of chocolates. Thanks baby! You can now eat all the chocolates while I eat mine (well basically the chocolates you gave to me last time. Almost out of it already!)

P.s. And be ready for my surprise, it will come soon, VERY SOON! 
with love,

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