Saturday, 21 February 2015

Barbecuing at Pantai Bagan Lalang.

Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang,
20 February 2015.

I used to go to Pantai Cherating, Chendor, Geliga, Marina etc every weekend back in school days. However, since we moved to KL/Selangor about nine years ago, to be honest, this is my first time at Pantai Bagan Lalang in Sepang. So I was (or we were) a bit surprised to see sooooooo many people camping on the beach. Completely a different side of Selangor/Federal for me, at least.

Holiday and beach, such a great combo. Since it's Chinese New Year holiday this week, so my family decided to have a family activity together, something different, something new from we usually do. It was a perfect sunny weather, so we combined beach, BBQ (lamb yumms!), camping, and apparently sunburn too hmmm.

A lot of foods, sandwiches, lamb and chicken barbecues, fried mee hoon, potato salad, pulut with kelapa, potato salad, mushroom soup with garlic bread, various keropok and kerepek, you name it. And the kids love playing with the sand and sea water too. As the sky darkens, the tide has risen and reached the shore. We packed up our stuff and reached home at 8 p.m., felt completely sticky and sandy all over body and face. Yuck. Body scrubbbbbb!

P.s. I still prefer beaches on the east coast side. Less people, prettier, and much much cleaner. Duhh, obviously.

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