Monday, 3 November 2014


Birkenkopf, Germany,
3rd November, 2014.

"This mountain after the Second World War, piled out of the ruins of the city, stands as a memorial to the victims and as a warning to the living." 
Birkenkopf is a hill that was built by rubble from World War II. This hill grew by over 40 meters between 1953 - 1957, with over 15 million cubic meters piled up from destroyed buildings in the area. It is the highest point in the area and offers great views overlooking the valley below including Stuttgart. 
Strolled through the woods covered with dried leaves. Another great place to capture fall colours. 
It's written "This mountain piled up after World War II from the rubble of the city stands as a memorial to the victims and a warning to the living."

Thank you for bringing me here, you know who you are ;)

P.s. I know I should have expected this long-walk-at-the-park and hiking-to-the-top kinds of date. But honestly, I prefer this than walk in the mall, eat at fancy restaurant and watch movie at the cinema.

with love,

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