Monday, 1 September 2014

Moving out and moving in.

Hey peeps,

So sorry for being away for so long. Been busy since a week ago, moving out from my wohnheim to another place. Temporary place until I get my key on the 15th. Packing up the stuff is one thing, move it to another place is another thing. Thank god I have friends moving out together so we kinda helped each others. I've got so many stuff but only brought 2 bags of clothes with me until I move to my own place.

Ohh I don't know how to bring all the stuff back to Malaysia later. Might throw all the things with no mercy *cries*

So today I moved out at 6.30 a.m. after the Hausmeister came and checked the room's condition. The Hausmeister came early, so regret that I didn't get a chance to keep a photo of my empty room for my memories. Not even a photo of my key! 

And now I'm currently staying at my friend's place for 2 weeks, and guess what.. her place is soooooooo cool! How I wish I got this place during the first time we came to Germany.

So cosy, sooooooo spacious! I can imagine myself decorate the whole place in white! Oh my goddddddd.

P.s. It's kinda nice to stay with friends, especially when I wake up and see the food is ready! Hahaa I love you guys!
P.s.s Tomorrow September 2nd is our 1 year anniversary since we first came to Germany. woot wootttt!

with love,

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