Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hohenheim Palace.

Hohenheim, Germany,
7th September, 2014.

Heyyyyyy! It's been a while, I know. Honestly, I've cheated. Again. I made a few updates according to when and where I've been to. Just because I missed out a lot of updates, so, yeaa.. sorry for that!

Again my #misimencariistana continues, to Hohenheim Palace, located only about 30 minutes by train from our uni. Surrounded by botanical gardens and an English park, this palace was Duke Carl Eugen's final project. The foundation stone was laid in 1785. Eight years later Carl Eugen died in the still uncompleted palace, which his successor disliked and allowed to fall into disrepair. 

And this is how it stayed until 1818, when King Wilhelm I decided to use it for the newly-founded agricultural college for teaching, research and demonstration purposes – the forerunner of Hohenheim University, which is still located in the palace today. I repeat, this is now Hohenheim University.

We walked back to the train station, passed by Botanischer Garten Hohenheim and found this. Bunga raya! Hehehee

P.s. Ohh how I wish our uni buldings are also from old palace. Tsskk.

with love,

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