Saturday, 20 September 2014

New place, new enthusiasm.

Hey peeps!

Recent update from my new humble room. Well, I'm renting from student and going to stay (read: hibernate) here for one month and a half, hoping that I can 200% concentrate on my thesis writing. I hope so. I HOPE.

For god sake I really have to make it before end of October, otherwise, honestly, I don't have a place to stay in November. My alternative plan is.. go travel to some balance Europe countries that is in my bucket list! Yeayyy I know! But but but... Only if I got my balance money from my sponsor. Yes. What a cruel world.

If you see or read a news come out, 'Homeless Malaysian student sleeping at Hauptbahnhof (main station) during cold winter', That is.. ME. That means my appeal for scholarship extension is rejected. Hahahhaa.. ahhaa.. aaaar not funny. 

And as for now.. getting the sunshine through the window, the nice smell from the roses with beautiful music is playing, amid the silence of the morning. Setting the mood and getting some ideas in thesis writing.. Here I am at my new place, to spend my last few months in Germany. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ;-)

P.s. My niece started to ask, 'bila Aunty yan nak balik? Balik laa cepat.' Yes, she got a lot of jalan-jalan plan to the south and Singapore. Tunggu Aunty yannnnnnn, Alya!
P.s.s It's the system here to start writing only a month after the final exam ended. In my case, my exam ended at the end of April. So count, June, July, August, September, October and November.
P.s.s.s. Heee but honestly, it is kind of my intention to stay longer. Come on, this is once in a life time chance! PhD? Err.. errrrrr hmm.. 

with love,

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Everything was nice 
and beautiful

and slowly..


Not mine,
but yours.

P.s. And I thought I'm an odd mix of ego and ignorant. 
P.s.s and I thought this was once for you. It still is. Eventhough you've changed.

with love,

Hohenheim Palace.

Hohenheim, Germany,
7th September, 2014.

Heyyyyyy! It's been a while, I know. Honestly, I've cheated. Again. I made a few updates according to when and where I've been to. Just because I missed out a lot of updates, so, yeaa.. sorry for that!

Again my #misimencariistana continues, to Hohenheim Palace, located only about 30 minutes by train from our uni. Surrounded by botanical gardens and an English park, this palace was Duke Carl Eugen's final project. The foundation stone was laid in 1785. Eight years later Carl Eugen died in the still uncompleted palace, which his successor disliked and allowed to fall into disrepair. 

And this is how it stayed until 1818, when King Wilhelm I decided to use it for the newly-founded agricultural college for teaching, research and demonstration purposes – the forerunner of Hohenheim University, which is still located in the palace today. I repeat, this is now Hohenheim University.

We walked back to the train station, passed by Botanischer Garten Hohenheim and found this. Bunga raya! Hehehee

P.s. Ohh how I wish our uni buldings are also from old palace. Tsskk.

with love,

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Fatin's bachelorette party.

 Heyy.. so someone from us is going to tie the knot in September, yikes!

 and it's Fatin!

We kinda made a surprise for her, a small bachelorette party after nasi lemak session. I made the decoration for the Milka torte the night before. Nak bake kek sendiri takde dapur, so gigih laa gunting and gantung satu2 benda kecik2 tu.

The end result of my doing. hehee

For Fatin, may the glow of love and happiness from your marriage day be with you for the rest of your lives! May Allah bless you and azim on your lovely journey ahead. Congratulations Patinggg!

Ohh this picture, if my family see this... oh my goddddd. Haru biru. Hahahahahhaa
Nak jugak.. pakai! Muka takde nak excited lagi bhahahaa
And right after Asar prayer, we were ready to.. Hohenheim Palace!

P.s. Jangan lupe tau patin, kawin kte nak washing machine satu, kalau boleh yang skali dengan dryer. Hehehhee

with love,

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

1st anniversary in Germany.

Sept 2nd, 2013. It's officially one year since we came to Stuttgart. Oh how fast time flies. Made new friends from all over the world, experienced different language and cultures, visited lovely cities around Europe, and created beautiful memories to be remembered forever. 

It's been a wonderful year I can't put it in any better words. Another few months left, and I'm dreaming for a better tomorrow. As for now, master thesis, please be nice to us. Sikit je lagi, sikittttt lagi!

Happy 1st (and hopefully the last) anniversary to us! For now. FOR NOW.

P.s. Thesis. thesis. thesis. thesis. thesis. thesis. thesis. thesis. THESISSSSS!

with love,

Monday, 1 September 2014

Moving out and moving in.

Hey peeps,

So sorry for being away for so long. Been busy since a week ago, moving out from my wohnheim to another place. Temporary place until I get my key on the 15th. Packing up the stuff is one thing, move it to another place is another thing. Thank god I have friends moving out together so we kinda helped each others. I've got so many stuff but only brought 2 bags of clothes with me until I move to my own place.

Ohh I don't know how to bring all the stuff back to Malaysia later. Might throw all the things with no mercy *cries*

So today I moved out at 6.30 a.m. after the Hausmeister came and checked the room's condition. The Hausmeister came early, so regret that I didn't get a chance to keep a photo of my empty room for my memories. Not even a photo of my key! 

And now I'm currently staying at my friend's place for 2 weeks, and guess what.. her place is soooooooo cool! How I wish I got this place during the first time we came to Germany.

So cosy, sooooooo spacious! I can imagine myself decorate the whole place in white! Oh my goddddddd.

P.s. It's kinda nice to stay with friends, especially when I wake up and see the food is ready! Hahaa I love you guys!
P.s.s Tomorrow September 2nd is our 1 year anniversary since we first came to Germany. woot wootttt!

with love,