Friday, 4 July 2014

WAREM Excursion to Switzerland part 2.

9 - 14 June, 2014.

Day three.

Bellinzona (VS) - Fiesch (VS) - Sion (VS)

On Wednesday, after had breakfast, we continued to our next destination, Fiesch for another 2 hours and a half. This time we were going to go up to the largest glacier in the Alps, Aletschgletscher!

And as we travel from Bellinzona to Fiesch, we did travel across Italy boundary. Italy, second check! LOL tak aci betul.

And the view was getting prettier!

 And tadaaaaaaaa!

While waiting for the others, we had some rest before started hiking down to the next cable car station, about 2 km walk!

At 5 p.m., we continued an hour and a half journey to our next Youth Hostel located in Sion.

Day four.

Sion (VS) - Arollo (VS) - Lörrach (GE)

On Thursday, 15 minutes drive from the hostel, we were taken to Bieudron Hydropower Plant and Bieudron and Nendraz Power Stations, and later Arollo Pumping Station.

After visited these 3 stations, and we were all exhausted, and around 2.30 p.m., we continued 5 hours journey to our Youth Hostel in Lörrach, located at the border of Switzerland and Germany. Since we were about to reach Germany border, Anne and Jochen agreed to stop by near the lake so that we can have some rest, some of us wanted to buy souvenirs, and some demanded to swim in the lake! Though our hostel located at the border of Germany, yet we still couldn't get Germany's mobile line. Poor us.

P.s. Played basketball together that day. Ehmm.

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