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Heidelberg Castle, in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg, Germany,
16th June, 2014.

Day two.

After spent a day in Frankfurt, we decided to stop by at Heidelberg town to see the old castle, Schloss Heidelberg on our way headed to my hostel in Stuttgart, and Munich afterwards.

It was my second time in Heidelberg (see my previous visit here) but considered my first time to enter the castle. Since we've planned to visit many more castles especially in Bavaria, I've called this mission of seeking for castles ('schloss' in Deutsch) as '#misimencariistana' :D

Since the castle is located on top of the hill, we've drove up to the hill, parked the car nearby and walked to the castle.

#misimencariistana 1. Schloss Heidelberg

Nestled in the hill 300 feet above the city of Heidelberg stands the breath-taking Heidelberg Castle. The history of Heidelberg Castle is a cycle of construction and destruction.

In the late 17th century, the palace was repeatedly attacked and ultimately destroyed by the French in the War of the Grand Alliance. These catastrophic events are commemorated in a spectacular fireworks display, held several times each year. In 1764, after some makeshift repairs, the battered palace was heavily damaged again: this time by the forces of Nature, in the form of two devastating lightning strikes. The once-proud residence caught fire – and was left in ruins.

Well, the attraction of Heidelberg Castle isn't so much due to its history, but more due to the romantic appearance of the magnificent ruins which loom over the town.

One of the castle's other claims to fame is that it's home to the world's largest wine barrel - so huge that it took 130 trunks of oak to make the thing. 

It's incredibly difficult to imagine nowadays, but the gardens which surround Heidelberg Castle were once proclaimed 'the Eighth Wonder of the World'. They would have been a stunning display of Baroque imagination - a multi-layered extravaganza of fragrant flowers, grottos and fruit trees.

A water fountain of Neptune in the Hortus Palatinus.

After the tour inside the castle, we visited the Deutsche Apothekenmuseum or German Pharmacy Museum which located inside the castle area, and the entrance fee is free! The collection of over 20,000 objects representing the rich history of medical sciences, especially the history of pharmacy.

And later we walked across the Schlossgarten to have a magnifient view of Heidelberg Castle and Heidelberg town!

In his seminal piece of travel-writing, A Tramp Abroad, Twain described the castle was "deserted, discrowned, beaten by the storms, but royal still, and beautiful".
View of Heidelberg town from the top of the castle.

The next hour we've spent our time walked around the old town, had our lunch and continued to Stuttgart to drop off a bag of foods of mine they've brought from Malaysia, and to our main destination, Munich!

And checked in the apartment for 2 nights stay in Munich..


P.s. We were on our way to Munich, thus wasn't able to watch the first match of World Cup when Deutschland won against Portugal with 4-0. And I've learned later that my favourite player number 5 scored one goal for Deutschland. Oh my Hummels!

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