Saturday, 5 July 2014

In Frankfurt.

Frankfurt, Germany,
15 & 16 June, 2014.

Assalamualaikum.. again! Couldn't believe I really make a back-to-back blog updates. Probably because it's fasting month, I wish the day would end faster, because we're fasting for 18 hours, from roughly 3.30 a.m. till 9.30 p.m. so other than spend my time reading journals, oo yea right, instead of sleeping, I think I should spend some time to update my blog. 

So last month was kind of a 'holiday' month for me. I came back from Switzerland on Saturday evening, did the laundry and the next day, I've to rush to Frankfurt because my brother and SIL were coming from Malaysia. 

Quite a drama very early in the morning. I was supposed to catch up ICE train to Frankfurt at 5.51 a.m. So, to arrive on time, that means my last train from Uni S-bahn to Stuttgart Hbf was at 5.24 a.m. 

I've slept soundly, woke up and realized it was already 5.06 a.m. Yea I remember everything in details, perhaps because I was so shocked. I had only 18 minutes to take shower, get ready, put all the remaining stuff, toiletries etc in my luggage and drag that heavy luggage to S-bahn which usually take me 5-10 minutes to walk there! OMG.

I don't know how exactly I could make it, but I made it. When I walked out from the elevator, I felt sooooo relief to see the train just arrived in front of me. Alhamdulillah, I made it on time! Ahhh couldn't imagine how much money I have to spend to buy a new ticket to Frankfurt. Arrived at Stuttgart Hbf, I sought for my seat in the train and performed Subuh prayer. Darurat hehee.

It took only an hour from Stuttgart to Frankfurt by ICE, so I was awake the whole time, afraid that I might go farther to Köln hahaa. We've met at the airport, and went directly to the car my brother rented for the whole trip. 

So our 12 days trip begun from Frankfurt to Munich to Bavaria to Berlin and finally Stuttgart. And travelled with my family, visit museums and historical places are always the main agendas hee.

Day one.

It was Sunday, as usual, not many shops are open on Sunday. We first had our breakfast at Starbuck's, and later we walked to the town, visited Historisches Museum, and river cruising.

Since its my countless time visited Frankfurt, I didn't take a lot of photos, mostly from my SIL's, but you can see more here, during my very first visit in October 2013. Alaa, zaman-zaman tengah excited lagi boleh jalan keluar dari Stuttgart hehee.

Römer, one of the city's most important historic buildings constructed in the 15th century.
St Paul's Church, a church with important political symbolism in Germany.
Frankfurt Cathedral, a Roman Catholic Gothic church.

The Historisches Museum was founded in 1878, and includes cultural and historical objects relating to the history of Frankfurt and Germany. The museum's collection is displayed in several permanent chronological exhibitions: Mediaeval Frankfurt, the Late Middle Ages, the 16th to 18th centuries, the 19th-century city, and its history as a metropolis from 1866 to 2001.

Historical Museum.
'Deutsche Mark' or DM was the official currency of West Germany and unified Germany until the adoption of Euro in 2002.
'Mainhattan' of Frankfurt.
After river cruising, we ended our day with early dinner and checked in the hotel.

Sunset view from our apartment.

Day two.

And the next day, we started our road trip, headed to Munich, stopped by at Heidelberg town and my hostel(!) to send back a bag of foods they brought from Malaysia hahaaha. Happy I am!

with love,

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