Tuesday, 8 July 2014


A break from travel updates.. Dah kalau nama belajar kat Germany, haruslah sokong abam2 Deutsche kiteww!

Deutschland schiess ein Tor, Deutschland schiess ein Tor!

Tengah tengok bola ni, sempat lagi kann. I'm soooo nervous! OMG. I was preparing my meal for break fast, and my German housemate asked me to join her and her friends watching football together on a big screen in her room. Well, why not right?! :D

Boifren no.5 main elok2 ehh, nanti balik sini kte gi sambut dekat airport hehehehee

P.s. Thank you abang Nan sponsor jersi wohoo!
[UPDATED] P.s.s 7-1. Amazing win. Woww.


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