Tuesday, 3 June 2014

DIY project: Frames on the wall.

A quick post for your weekend project, perhaps. To have a nice space in your room does not necessarily have to be expensive. 

The idea came when my second painting on the canvas turned out a bit off, compared to the first one. Amateur, I am hehee. So I was thinking, I should really do something with it, instead of throw it away just like that. Since I still have more 'wrapping papers' left after decorated the 'A' block, so here you go, cute frames for your empty wall!

This is what I used it for. A for Ajian hehehehee.
Wrap your canvases with those different patterns of wrapping papers, hang it on your wall, and voila!


Give it a try! Ngeeeee

P.s. I suggest you to get the non-glossy wrapping papers to avoid reflexion from the light.

with love,


Yasmin Aris said...

Creative :)

eeqa~ said...

Oh cantik nye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nayzaharyfaz said...

Alhamdulillah.. thank you! :)

thank you! give it a try! ;)