Friday, 30 May 2014

Less blogging.

Woke up early in the morning
turned on the laptop 
listened to my music playlist on iTunes or sometimes Spotify
laid on my bed scrolling down Instagram and Facebook on my phone
and fell asleep again 'til almost noon.

Woke up and had a cup of coffee 
while sitting in front of my laptop
writing a new entry on my blog.

And here I am again 
doing exactly the same thing, 
for almost everyday.

How I wish I could spend my time reading a pile of journals and start writing thesis.

How I wish.

P.s to write a new entry especially about my trips, to be honest, it took me a day to choose the best photos, edit and rearrange it accordingly, find some infos to share, try to remember and write every single detail of the events, and check on my grammars which I'm so bad at, oh my english. And now when I think about this, I think I should start transfer my passion of writing on my blog to Microsoft Word! Master thesis, I will love you. Passionately, unconditionally.

P.s.p.s. I'm just too happy to wake up this morning, to see that my orchid is blooming, and more to come. Yikes! As for my rose, I don't see any hope, at all.

with love,


Sal Bee Yah said...

so glad my passion towards blogging was discovered after I earned my!

nayzaharyfaz said...

Lucky you then!

I started blogging since I was doing diploma.. and hardly to stop even 'til now! But yea, somehow blogging is kinda an alternative to release stress, so it gives no harm at all :)