Monday, 26 May 2014

in Paris, part two.

Paris, France,
21 - 24 May, 2014.

Day two.

Eiffel Tower.

Some people might think it is just a piece of besi buruk. But no matter what they say, I still can't help but find this massive iron structure utterly charming.

It was named after its constructor, the engineer Gustave Eiffel, came into existence in 1889 and since then, this tallest structure in Paris has become both an image of the brain of France and one of the most recognized constructions in the world.

Eiffel Tower!

If you wonder why the Eiffel Tower is made of iron, well, in engineering perspectives, there are a lot of advantages of using this material compared to others.

Gustave Eiffel himself gives the answer: “First of all, its resistance. From the viewpoint of loads one or the other of these materials can support, we know that for any given surface area, iron is ten times more resistant than wood and 20 times more resistant than stone.” He points out: “It’s above all in the large constructions that the metal’s resistance makes it superior to other materials. The relative lightness of metal constructions also allows for smaller supports and foundations.” 

Why it becomes a romantic symbol of love, I don't think giving plenty of reasons for the answer are necessary. It depends on how you value and appreciate it. Just saying :)

The mini Eiffel meets the real one.
Eiffel.. I'm in love!
After more than an hour spent time at Eiffel Tower area, there were also some people took our photos, probably thought that we were having photoshoot in front of Eiffel. LOL retis sangatt. We've bought some souvenirs from random guys selling Eiffel keychains. I remember bought the keychains 5 years ago and they offered us 10 keychains for 1. Well, everything is expensive nowadays. Then we proceed to another wajib-places-to-visit-if-you-come-to-Paris, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysée.

Arc de Triomphe.
After had lunch, we went to La Vallée Village for.. shoppingggggggg! Ok I've made a promise to only buy Longchamp as ordered by my family, that's all, so Ajian, forget about anything else!

La Vallée Village.

Despite limited designs and colours available, I still bought a lot! Tamak haloba. But since the design requested by my sisters (and for myself heehe) were not available at the outlet, no other choice, I had to buy it at the boutique. Melayang duit mak.

After shopping, we found Ladurée shop in the mall and bought 2 boxes of macarons! So Ladurée's, checked!

It was pretty early to go back home, so we decided to find our not-so-last-in-the-list-yet-not-so-important-place-to-visit, Concorde.

On our way to Concorde, we found the Ladurée Royale nearby. Such a lovely shop they have. I'm so in love with the colours!

Place de la Concorde.

Then, we went back to our apartment, cooked for dinner and had a deeeeeep sleep for our next important day, to DISNEYLANDDDD! 

P.s. That introductory.. get it now?

with love,

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