Tuesday, 27 May 2014

in Paris, part three.

Paris, France,
21 - 24 May, 2014.

Day three.

The day that we've been waiting for. After some considerations of unpredictable weather in Paris, we decided to have fun on the third day.. at Disneyland! The weather was perfect in the morning, rain poured down for a moment and gone in the evening. 

I must say, Disneyland is sooooo wonderful! I mean, the castle, the buildings, the decorations, everything is all beyond anyone's imagination, it's sooooo beyond my fantasy. Despite me wearing dress, fret my dress might get ripped during the ride, and I have to confess; not the most comfortable pair of shoes I wore, we had soooooo much fun watching the dance performance by various Disney characters, rode all those crazy rides, met Mickey Mouse in person, wandered around inside the maze of Alice in Wonderland (my fav!), experienced riding Captain Hook's Pirate ship personally, had a leisurely riverboat ride, and discovered the haunting tale of the bride and groom never to be. 


Mabuk lepas naik the first ride. Sampai tertanggal pin tudung ok!


The castle!
Alice. I always love her!
And finally Farah was able to meet her favourite after 45 minutes queuing in line. Fyuhh!
And my turn to torture them. To the 'Alice in Wonderland' world!
Serious excited giler nieeeee!
Ajian in Wonderland!

Unfortunately Princess Pavilion is only available upon reservation. Sobs.


the Pirates of Carribean!


After a longgggg day, well it was almost 5 p.m., feet felt soooo much pain, we gave up our initial plan to wait for the fireworks at Disneyland, decided to go back to the apartment and go out again at 9 to see night view of Eiffel Tower.

But ended up we couldn't move any parts of our body, everyone seemed very tired, so we stayed at the apartment for the whole night. Thank God we decided to buy only for one park ticket!

Day four.

The fourth day was a bit of drama.

We checked out at 8.30 in the morning and went to Boulevard Hausmann area to find my last macaron in the list, Pierre Hermé. Unfortunately we were too early and the shop was still closed. So we decided to walk to the next Pierre Hermé shop about 800 m from the mall.

On our way to the destination, we met an Indonesian family who just arrived in Paris. We smiled and left. When we were busy finding the shop, three women came to us brought a piece of paper, asked us to buy something. We refused to see what they had. Farah was protecting Aina and walked away, while I was walking behind and all three of them stopped and forced me to the wall. They distracted me by trying to give me a smooch which I thought they were drunk. Farah came back and pulled them, and she got pushed by one of them. Farah got mad, pinched one of them hardly. Padan muka hahaa.

Aina came to me and saw one of them took something from my sling bag and covered it under the paper they brought with them. Without any thought I took it back, though it was not something important coughgirlsthingcough.

They left, but walking not far behind us was the Indonesian family we met earlier. The three crazy women tried to do the same thing to the wife. We rushed back to the family and told them what just happened. Luckily two policemen who were on duty stopped by near the road when they saw the chaotic situation. We told them everything and the culprits then were arrested.

We've learnt that a lot of pickpockets wandering around in Paris, but after the incident, I think I made the right decision to leave my purse before I came. Alhamdulillah nobody's injured.

After half an hour waiting in front of the shop, at 10 a.m. sharp, I became the first customer of the day and got my last macaron in the list. So Pierre Hermé's, checked!

Arrived at Gare l'Est, we had a brunch at Paul and tried the doughnuts before leave Paris. Indeed tasty!

And with our last money left in the pocket, we bought Paul's macarons as souvenir for Fatin, and ate the rest together with Fatin when we got back to Stuttgart.

So that was the end of our trip to Paris, indeed it was slightly different from the last time I came here.. and adventurous! We had soooo much fun, and I wish Fatin was here with us. 

My checklist:

Eiffel Tower, checked.
Notre Dame, checked.
Arc de Triomphe, checked.
Louvre Museum, checked.
Jardin du Luxembourg, checked.
Musée d'Orsay, checked.
Concorde, checked.
Disneyland, checked.
Ladurée, Pierre Hermé and Paul's, checked, checked and CHECKED!

End of my macaron hunting, time for the review;

I love the less sweet taste of Paul's, but I prefer Ladurée for the texture, very smooth and crispy at the same time, probably a little bit sweeter, but it comes with multiple choices of flavours compared to Paul's. Pierre Hermé? I don't know what went wrong, they gave us the best selections of flavours, probably it taste the best if we eat on the same day we bought it, yet we ate it the day after. The texture was a bit soft (or too melt), it shrunk to the point that another one macaron could fit in the box! LOL. So.. yea, I don't like it. I probably should pick my own preference flavours.

So my favourite; I say, LADURÉE. Bonus points given for the lovely pastel packaging and shop decorations hehee.

So I leave you with this 15-second Disneyland's dance performance.

P.s. Actually there's another one I want; Amorino. I will forever crave for Amorino gelato. Sobs.
P.s.p.s. And the reason why I like Alice in Wonderland; I hate the fact that 'Azyan' is always spelled wrongly, I picked Alice as my nickname whenever I order coffee at Starbucks.. or dekat pakcik café level 3 fakulti civil waktu order nasi goreng ayam kunyit. Yumm.

with love,

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