Sunday, 11 May 2014

in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands,
2 - 4 May, 2014. 


So here it is, my entry for our another trips abroad, our neighbour.. the Netherlands! Nahh Wan, special untuk kau, tengok puas-puas ok hehehehee.

Banyak sangat gambar, I've divided the entries into three parts, in Amsterdam, in Keukenhof and in The Hague. 

But first thing first. Some might not know, Holland is a region and former province located on the western coast of the Netherlands. The name Holland is also frequently used as a pars pro toto to refer to the whole of the country of the Netherlands. 

The former County of Holland roughly consists of the two Dutch provinces of North Holland and South HollandThe main cities in Holland are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Amsterdam is formally the capital of the Netherlands and its largest city. The Port of Rotterdam is Europe's largest and most important harbour and port while The Hague is the seat of government of the Netherlands. 

Day one.

So our day started as early as 5 in the morning, since we had to catch up our ICE train to Frankfurt from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof. We departed at 5.51 a.m. and arrived at Frankfurt Airport around 7.10 a.m. By KLM airlines, we departed for Netherlands at 10.15 a.m. and arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 11.35 a.m. 

Spotted Malaysia Airlines. Feels like home!
some part of Netherland from the top!

As soon as we walked out of the busy airport, seriously busy, we saw the 'I Amsterdam' sign outside the airport and took the chance to snap photos in front of it. But too bad, too many people were interrupting and photobomb-ing in our photos! Gave up, we went to bus stop and our shuttle bus was waiting to bring us to the hotel. After all our main target was 'I Amsterdam' sign at main city.

It was still early to check in, so we had lunch at the restaurant in front of the hotel, and after an hour, we've checked in. 

After performed prayer, we went back to Schiphol Airport (apparently Schiphol Airport is our main connection to any other cities), bought return tickets to Amsterdam (€8 each), return tickets to den Haag (€20 each) and entrance and return tickets to Keukenhof (€23 each) in advance. 

After 15 minutes in the train, we arrived at Amsterdam Centraal and enjoy the views of Amsterdam city!

After bought the maps for €2,50, we figured out the top spots and main attractions, and walked along the city for more than 1 km, I think. Hehee. The city is busy, people ride bicycles everywhere. Met a lot of Malaysians, and it was very easy to find Helal foods, especially Turkish dishes.

As we walked by, we took the chance to buy souvenirs just in case we would not have chance to come to Amsterdam again.

Paleis op de Dam (Royal Palace of Amsterdam).
Stalls of Bloemenmarkt floating in the Singel.
Keizergracht, the second and widest of the three major canals in the city centre of Amsterdam, in between Herengracht and Prinsengracht. 
Not really a symbolic signature of Holland, but 'Dutch cream and cookies' macaron, very Dutchy still!
in front of Rijksmuseum.

And finally we arrived at our main and final destination, 'I Amsterdam' sign! This large sign that lies in front of the Rijksmuseum has become an iconic symbol of the city. But of course, too too too many people sitting in or on the letters and getting their photo taken. Again, another few failed photo shots of us. Pffft.

 Last-last ambil gambar dengan huruf 'a' je. 

A for Ajian japirah! 

After such a long day, we got back to the main central by train, had our dinner, and return to the hotel to recharge energy for our next lovely day! 

Till my next post a.k.a. photo spamming, Keukenhof!

P.s. Oh, these are the photos taken when we were main-main with the machine in front of the airport, uploaded on their official facebook page. Takde keje sangatt hehee

with love,

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