Saturday, 19 April 2014

Höhenpark Killesberg.

19 April 2014,
Höhenpark Killesberg, Stuttgart.

The next day after visited Porsche Museum, we went to Killesbergpark despite cold weather, 4°C.. and guess what madness thing we did there? 

PICNIC! LOL takde keje sangatttt

Completed in 2000 the Killesberg tower is an observation tower, 40m high overlooking the park. It is cable-stayed tower construction designed using cable-stayed bridge technology.

This is kind of pre-Amsterdam dah ni. Agak-agak dah boleh cancel ticket flight pergi sana nak tengok tulips! 

 P.s. Rase kanak-kanak ribena sangat! Hihihiiihihii

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