Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fatin's 26th Birthday.

Sorry, this was meant to be posted in May, but I didn't realize I missed this entry, Fatin's birthday on May 19. We made a small surprise party at her place. The cake was made the day before, but Fatin was not feeling well, so we brought the not-so-handsome cake to her the day after.

My comot cake. Failed abadi. Yang penting ikhlas. hee he

I wish you nothing but happiness. Happy 26th birthday, Patin!

P.s. Ni kalau wan tengok entry ni nanges dia nanti. Birthday wan sama dengan patin, tapi ktorg tak bawak wan skali walaupun dia ada kat stuttgart. Jahatnye ktorg! hehee sorry wan, party ni untuk gegirl je :D

with love,

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