Monday, 7 April 2014

Wonderful weeks for the ingenue.

After Istanbul, we went to Frankfurt for two times, and apart from that.. I had wonderful ME time.

Ngopi at various cafés, tour in Stuttgart, watch so many types of movies from medical to history to mythology to biography to literature to fantasy and love, fyuhh, read novels, paint, bake and finish up some drawing designs of my friend's wedding dress, I did it all. 

Now semester break is over, I'm waiting for my final exam results and I guess I can slowly think about my master thesis topic and send out emails to the potential supervisors.

P.s. Actually I still have another exam, the very final one this time. Due to some misunderstanding with coordinator, we missed 3 credit hours and have to catch up with an exam which subject we've never attended the class. Never. Glupp. Bismillahitawakaltuallallah.

with love,

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