Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dirty Dancing.


I remember watching this movie from year 1987, Dirty Dancing played on TV2 when I was so pure and innocent phuiii, 9 years old. Yet I had to cover my eyes while watching it. My sister recorded this movie (zaman pakai video tape lagi) and I watched it quite often despite English language I'd barely understand that time. But still, I love it especially the last dance. Oh lovely!

After so many many years, last two weeks ago, I watched this movie again, online, and repeated it twice, back to back. Well, I always love oldies songs, I have hundreds of oldies songs in iTunes and played it every night. And this time I have downloaded the soundtracks and played it over and over again loudly. Ahh all those good old days..

So for the last few weeks I watched news on tv more frequent especially during this crucial time with MH370, and the only channel I can understand is CNN. Last Saturday I changed to local channel, fefeeling faham bahasa German, and when I was kemas-kemas and mopping the floor in my room, I heard one of the soundtracks 'I've Had the Time of My Life' on tv. I was like, 'Hehhhhh?' and guess what I found out..

It's DIRTY DANCING LIVE ON TOUR! omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

It's Europe tour! It's freaking Dirty Dancing Europe Tour! I looked at the schedules, and they gonna have tour in Berlin this April. Omg!

But very unfortunate that we have an exam end of April, and my schedules are already full both in May and June. Big sigh.

But I am so gonna make some time in July, maybe after Aidilfitri to Köln for their next tour! That is the only time left before I go back to Malaysia for good. After all, watching live musical performance on stage is one of my bucket list and I found the great great one I love, I'm so not gonna miss this chance!

Thank god I figured it out quite soon. Alhamdulillah. I. am. sooooo happy! 

I leave you with full OST of Dirty Dancing. Well, too bad some of it are not available to view in Germany :(

My most favourite is Hungry Eyes. 

P.s. I've asked my friends about this movie, they said never heard about it. Am I the only freaking old weirdo here? I really have to find partner in crime for this. Hehee

with love,

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