Saturday, 15 March 2014

Titisee for Aina's birthday.


It has been hectic weeks with exams which I don't know how's the result might turn out. After all, now exam is over, all I need is deep sleep and.. VACATION!

The exam ended on March the 3rd, since Aina's birthday fell on the next day, and all she wanted is to play with snow for the last time before spring arrives, after checked the temperature and online webcam updates, no other places left with snow including Stuttgart, so we had a day trip all the way to the mountainous area at Titisee, 845m above see level in area Schwarzwald (Black Forest) just to build a snowman for Aina.

Well to be honest, we didn't build it at Titisee area because there were too little snow, but at somewhere random roadside where cars passed by and witnessed our madness bhahaa!

Big snowman for birthday girl!

Happy birthday Aina! May Allah bless and grant you happiness and peace in life. Ohh and welcome to adults' world where you no longer have the privilege to get cheaper price for train and flight tickets mhihihihi ;)

P.s. I was way too excited, enjoyed every beat, even laid on the snow and tasted it. One mission of my life accomplished!

with love,

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