Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Exam mode.

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Now that my German language exam is over, the real exams are coming.. starting next week! The first exam paper for the first semester here. Takut. Seriously takut! Since the systems are totally different here. Totally different in everything.

And whenever I have this kind of panic attack, I'd remember one person I know used to say this, 

"..Semua ni dunia je. Bukan masuk neraka pun kalau fail." (abang Pila, 2012)

Memang ayat yang paling sentap tapi terkesan pernah aku dengar. Thanks abang Pila! :)

It's time to erase all of these german grammars on blackboard, and focus on main subjects!

I don't expect much, I just want to pass and graduate, please Ya Allah. 

P.s. Please please please pray for my success, may Allah grants you success in life. I love you guys!

with love,


haNisahAzLAN said...

good luck dear..aja2 fighting!!!! =)

nayzaharyfaz said...

thank you hanis syg!