Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wan's farewell party.


It is almost the end of January, next month is gonna be a super hectic month for us.. EXAMS! 

Since we would be busy with exams, we decided to have an early farewell party for Wan since he will leave Stuttgart by the end of February.

We had simple-menu-yet-soooo-yummy Nasi Tomato, cocktail, and cake, yeaa that ugly cake is my doing. It's a longgggg story.

I guess he really didn't expect us to celebrate him this week, sebab dia tak shave misai hahahaa. Too bad!

So, the story behind the cake.

I've baked it the night before. When I was about to start, I realized I've bought the wrong ingredient. Instead of buttermilch, I've took sauermilch. But still I have to use it and added some milk too. Baking part was fine, it took me only an hour to bake.

The decorating part.. was disaster. After Subuh, it was around 7 a.m., I've started it with full of passion. Put the cream cheese and chocolate pieces on the cake slowly, then the flowers as decoration. When I started to write down the name in red, my handwriting turned out so ugly that I had to remove it and reapply the white cream cheese to cover the damages. I wrote again and this time, I've spelt the name wrong. I had to repeatedly do it over again and when it was almost done, kechepekkk! the spatula fell on the cake! Ahhhhhhhh. I think I wrote and removed it about 6 or 7 times. The cream turned out pink and I had no white cream cheese left. Sememangnya nak kerja Secret Recipe tak layak, apatah lagi berangan nak buka cafe jual cake and coffee. Chetppodah.

I was totally disappointed with the result that I feel like want to throw it away or ask Fatin to buy a new one, frozen cake. It was almost 11 a.m. when I stopped decorating and accepted my failure. 4 hours. My kitchen was in chaos and I was wiping the floor because the red colouring powder felt on the floor when Farah and Aina arrived. 

Bab edit gambar memang serah kat aku la.

Thank god Wan's reaction was like.. quite good (well, I hope that was real hahaa. Tak blakon kann??). He said this is the first time he got a cake with his name on it. Ok aku plak yang nak nanges, terharu dengan diri sendiri agagaga. Nasib baik dia cakap macam tu.. taklah aku rasa berdosa sangat jahanamkan rupa kek dia hehehe. 

 Ok I feel so relieved now. 

P.s. Dear my future husband-whoever-you-are, I once made promise to myself that 'you' would be the first guy to receive cake I made. I'm sorry that I broke the promise. Only for this time, ok.. consider this as sample or trial before I bake the best one for 'you'. hahaa
[UPDATED] P.s.p.s. I guess I have to make this thing clear, in case you guys misunderstood. He is just a friend. I feel bad that people might misunderstood when he is actually engaged to another woman out there. Someone's husband, someone's fiancé, someone's boyfriend, I just.. don't do these kind of things ;)

with love,


fazrini ayu said...

or maybe wan is ur future husband?? ngeeeeee..

k bai~
miss u ayak!! come back to malaysia cepat2 .. nk dengar ur cerita ..ehe~

nayzaharyfaz said...

@fazrini ayu

nenot nenot nenot nenot nenottttt

no no no, tak tak.. dah agak mesti ada yang salah tafsir ni. hehee. that will never happen, since wan tu dah ade tunang, balik dah nak kawin da bohoo.

kita bile lagiii? lelaki single makin pupus ni nenot abislaa.. kene consider cari kucing buat teman hidup sorang2 lepas ni. Pathetic single life. sedihnyeeee

miss u too nenot, rindu nak ngopi! ayuhh