Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year 2014.

So 2013 has come to the end, and we celebrated it decently. Had Nasi Ayam for lunch, played with firecrackers bought by Wan that night, and unexpected plan to go to Schlossplatz to enjoy the arrival of 2014 with beautiful fireworks all over the places. Al-maklum lah ada orang tu nak merasa final new year celebration lepas 5 tahun dekat  Germany sebelum balik Malaysia for good. InsyaAllah, this would be our first and last new year celebration here in Germany too. Kalau grad on time la kan. InsyaAllahhhhhhhhh

Nasib baik bawak bodyguard skali, orang mabuk main firecrackers sesuka hati je. Chett.

Bodyguard sabotaj amik gambar ktorang time takde bunga api.
Time dia, ada je banyak. Ini tidak adil, tidak adil baginya. Lagu Yuna~

Anyway, happy new year and have a wonderful year ahead, everyone!

P.s. I'm so gonna miss this precious moment, definitely!
P.s.p.s. I'm kinda addicted to this new youtuber Motoki. He's such a funny dude! For new year, this 'How To Be Happy' video from him for you guys woot woot! All other videos are on his channel, check 'em out!

with love,

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