Tuesday, 7 January 2014

DIY: Dua'as project.

So, my two weeks holiday is over, back to reality, I'm having nervous breakdown since the exam is around the corner! I mean, yeah, it's in February, but I really have to work hard from now because.. it's a lot, and there are one or two subjects that I feel like.. zero! Yadaa yadaaaaa. The system is so different from UiTM; no quizzes, no tests, no projects, means no carrymarks, totally depending on our performance in final exam. Scary, aite? That's why I am so freaking out!

I realized that I have to do something to start with. To get the mood to study, I mean. So, I did this.

I've printed out the Dua'as that I've posted on one of my entries last year, let me check.. hahh it's here (I left some tips for students), decorated it with dried flowers that I've collected (sticked it in my book for fun, never thought that I might gonna use it now!) since the first day I arrived here, and framed it! Tadaaa. Pretty cool idea, isn't it?

Takde keje kannn.

Always remember to start with Bismillah in whatever you do. I hope that I can always have some peace, better understanding whenever I study. I hope you too. InsyaAllah. 

Have a nice day!

P.s. Glue is still sticking on my fingers and fingernails no matter how many thousand times I wash my hands. Sighhh

with love,

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