Wednesday, 31 December 2014

From the very beginning.

Perhaps because I have to start a new life, from the very beginning.
Perhaps because I have nothing promising yet.
Perhaps because people start to ask about my personal life.
Perhaps because unnoticeably, I start to compare my happiness with everyone around me.

I started to miss so many things that were part of my life, in Germany.

the efficient and well-scheduled buses and trains,
the priority for pedestrians when using the zebra crossing,
the secured feelings even when I walk out alone at night,
the strangers greeted me 'Hallo' or 'Morgen' and gave the nicest smile,
the people who are not judging other people,
the old couples beautifully walking hand to hand together,
the language, though it might sound pretty tough for women hehee,
the beautiful parks and hills I've visited and more to visit,
the cheap groceries shopping I did every week,
the effective separation of garbages according to the types,
the water that can be drunk directly from water tap,
the fresh air, the weather and the lovely four seasons,
the waffles, coffees and pastries they sell at most of the bakeries,
the punctuality of the people,
the fast internet connection (ohh definitely a big YES!),
the satisfied online shopping especially during sale via,
the awesome insurance paid, covered mostly everything including dentist,
the passionate football fans singing their favourite team's song,
the cute traditional 'baju kurung' and 'baju melayu' they often wore during festivals,
the random advertisements in Deutsch whenever I listen to Spotify,
the privacy, owned a room for myself,
the less people talk about me and my private life, and less I care about them.

The thing about Germany I miss the most is..
You. Yes, YOU. I miss you.

Everything has changed now.
I feel distant, like everything is happening but I'm not really feel it. 
The emptiness and that constant distance from everything.
No matter where my body is, my mind is somewhere else.

I know I have to work my way out of it.
I'm trying.

P.s. My heart is aching and tears start to fall without notice.

with love,

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

In Medan.

Medan, Indonesia,
21-25 December 2014.

It took quite some time to write a new entry, especially when its about traveling, and especially when my mind is not at ease. 

Lucky we had guided tour this time, so everything is well organized, including foods. Yes, I think my stomach had super culture shock for the various and plenty foods they provided. Ohh poor my tummy..

Day one.

We arrived at Kuala Namu International Airport around 8.30 a.m. and met the tour guard for our 5D4N stay in Medan. By taking bus provided by the tour agent, we leaved for Parapat Lake Toba, the 2nd largest volcanic lake in the world, via Tebing Tinggi. This 176km journey took around 5 hours drive to the Danau Toba Cottage Parapat hotel, and passed by some plantations and small towns along the street. We stopped by at one of souvenir shop, and had our lunch and continue our journey to the hotel. Later we had no program, and had our Minang style dinner at the local restaurant. 

Day two.

After had breakfast at the hotel, and checked out the hotel, we rode a boat to Samosir island to experience and see the culture, traditional houses, and ancient sites of Batak tribe. We visited Ambarita village with the stone chairs of King Siallagan, where the elders held a meeting to decide the fate of captured enemy, because the Toba Batak people of the past still adhered to cannibalism. The last visit was Tomok village to see the old tomb of King Sidabutar. Returned to main island, we leaved for Berastagi, a mountainous resort at Karo regency, well-known for its plantations and various kind of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Arrived at Berastagi, after checked in the Horison Berastagi Hotel, we had dinner served at local restaurant. Some of us decided to go to hot spring, but I decided to rest at the hotel.

Heading to Samosir Island!
The view reminds me of Davos, Switzerland.
The ladies in the family. We really don't look like real siblings!
Ambarita Village.
Spotted. German language written on board. Hehee
Old tomb of King Sidabutar at Tomok Village.

Day three.

After breakfast, we visited Gundaling for the scenic of Tanah Karo, and Pasar Buah traditional market for shopping. Enroute stopped at Simarjarunjung for the scenic view of Sipiso-Piso waterfall. We then leaved Berastagi for Medan, 2 hours drive, and the enroute stopped at Pagoda Swevdagon. As we arrive at Medan, we visited Istana Maimoon, Mesjid Raya, and had city sight seeing. Later we checked in Polonia Hotel, had dinner served at local restaurant.

Sipiso-piso waterfall.
Behind me is Mount Sinabung, among 130 actively volcanoes in Indonesia.
Pagoda Swevdagon.
Not so strawberry picking. 
"Really? No strawberries at all?"
Istana Maimun.

My #misimencariistana is now continue to another country with different architecture, different history. 

Maimun Palace (Indonesian: Istana Maimun) is a royal palace of Sultanate of Deli and also a well-known landmark in Medan. This kingdom was once part of the Aceh Sultanate but seceded from it in 1669. Maimun Palace was built by the 9th Sultan of Deli, Sultan Maimun Al Rasyid Perkasa, under whose auspices construction began in 1888 and completed in 1891.
Masjid Raya.

Day four.

We had shopping tour at shopping centre. I don't fancy this activity too much, yet I have no choice. 

Day five.

We had breakfast, ready for check out at 11 a.m., had Ayam Penyet for lunch at local restaurant, and arrived at the airport around 2 p.m. for check in. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 5.45 p.m. and I was all ready to rest for super super super long holiday.

P.s. Did I mention I miss you, baby? hehee ohh *cries*

with love,

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bis dann, mein Schatz.

The hardest part of leaving is parting away with someone after so many memories have been created together..

"This is not a goodbye, this is a see you later." 

And that was how we bid farewell that day.

I'll keep your words, my love, I'll keep your words.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Thesis report submission.

Alhamdulillah.. finally my 6 months hard work (and eye bags!) of thesis writing is completed, and full report has been submitted.. yeay! 

Honestly my first two months was a bit on and off since I had to read a pile of journals (seriously I have 471 references listed in my report!), and I often fell asleep in between, especially during fasting month Ramadhan! I barely could do anything. I only started writing consistently in August, since I've targeted to finish writing by the end of October, a month before the deadline. 

It was difficult to begin with, but Alhamdulillah, everything went well according to my plan. 

Too many people I would like to thank for.. and I put it all in my acknowledgements. Well, if you can read it.. 

To all those I love, thank you for everything.


with love,

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hohenzollern Castle.

Burg Hohenzollern, Germany,
November 30, 2014.

Honestly I didn't expect to visit another castle in Germany especially when I had my thesis submission deadline on the next day, plus, I will leave Germany in a few weeks.

It was kinda last minute decision when I coincidentally met our program coordinator at the train station, and she persuaded me to join the christmas excursion, the more the merrier (or the more the cheaper we pay for bus and entrance fee hahaa). So yea, I stayed up till 4 in the morning to prepare my last minute poster for submission, just because I want to join them! After all, this would be my last get together with fellow coursemates, I guess. Sobs.

So, my #misimencariistana continues here, Hohenzollern Castle, located approximately 50 kilometres south of Stuttgart, on top of Berg Hohenzollern, at an elevation of 855 metres above sea level, 234 metres above the towns. And now lets get to the castle's history.

First castle: The first Medieval castle of the House of Hohenzollern was mentioned for the first time in 1267. However the castle appears to date back to the 11th century. In 1423, the castle was besieged for over a year by troops from the Swabian Free Imperial Cities. On 15 May 1423, the castle was finally taken and totally destroyed. Of the first castle only written records still exist.
Second castle: In 1454, construction on the second castle began. While this castle was much stronger than the first, during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) it was captured by Württemberg troops in 1634. Following the Thirty Years’ War the castle was under Habsburg control for about a century. During the War of the Austrian Succession (1740–1748), the castle was occupied by French soldiers during the Winter of 1744/45. Following the war, the Habsburgs continued to own the castle, but it was rarely occupied. When the last Austrian owner left the castle in 1798 it began to totally fall to ruins. By the beginning of the 19th century the castle was a ruin, with only the Chapel of St. Michael remaining usable.
Third castle: The castle was rebuilt by Crown-Prince (and later King) Frederick William IV of Prussia. During a trip to Italy in 1819, he travelled through southern Germany and wished to learn about his family’s roots, so climbed to the top of Mount Hohenzollern. Construction began in 1850, and was funded entirely by the Brandenburg-Prussian and the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen lines of the Hohenzollern family. Seventeen years later construction was completed on 3 October 1867 under Frederick William IV’s brother King William I. The castle was damaged in an earthquake on 3 September 1978, and was under repair until the mid-1990s.
Obviously this aerial view photo is not mine. credit photo:
It was such a lovely evening, though a bit colder since we were above the cloud! But it was fascinatingly beautiful. I was in awe.

I just couldn't get enough of this. I was posing behind, and the boys in front were passing by like they are at Beatles Walk LOL!
credit photo: Aziza

The nice blue sky turned into grey and dark, and freezing COLD! So we stayed in the church, but didn't take long until we get back to the bus.

It was very unfortunate that they were having Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) at the castle area, and the guided tour inside the castle was not available in the meantime. Ohh dear.

Nevertheless, it was great to join and have fun with coursemates I haven't met for quite a long time (5 months perhaps?) since I didn't attend any class for this final semester.

P.s. Did I mention tomorrow is the deadline for my thesis report submission??? OMG.

with love,