Wednesday, 18 December 2013

This is for you, Copycat.


Yes, I've set my blog for public readers, again.

Writing this publicly, ignoring the fact that there are people out there who love to copy my preference and do the same things that I love to do, yes you, I am talking about you, Copycat. You are the reason why I'd set my blog in private last time.

Maybe you don't realize; or you are pretending like you don't realize; or you realized that I've realized you are copying me and pretending like you don't realize. Which ever you are, stop it, because I've realized it from the beginning.

A little advise from me; JUST BE YOU. It's ok to copy one or two, or maybe three or four, or five, or six seven eight night ten (seriously?!) positive sides of me, at least I know such a cool person I am for you to adore hahaa. But give me some room at least, so that I can have my personal taste and preference by not having you copying me in that matter. Don't live under my shadow, have your own identity, because towards the end, people know what kind of person you were, and what kind of person you're turning yourself into.

On the positive side, despite you copying and turning yourself into me, I take it as compliment and at least if you change yourself into some what good, there are rewards for me too, insyaAllah. So, i'll try my best to positively accept it with open heart, and you, know your limit, you know what you should do. 

So I am done talking, it is all up to you now. I shall sit back and relax. Cheers! ;)

P.s. thanks a bunch to this one particular silent reader for sending personal email requested me to set my blog back for public reading, I never know that you're exist! Terharu jappp. Thank you for encouraging me to ignore those small matters and just be, ME.

[UPDATED] Ohhh I still set this only for private readers! Stalker is such a creepy creature I must say.

with love,

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