Tuesday, 10 December 2013

07.12.2013 My sister's solemnization.


Hi peeps! so despite my absence during my youngest sister's wedding day, I'd like to share some of happy moments on their big day. The photos solely taken from the official hired photographer, MukhrizUdey. You guys did an awesome job! I'll consider to hire you guys during my turn, when the time comes. Well, also depends on your work for this upcoming reception on Sunday tehee. So, all the best!

Bukan senang nak completekan our big BIG family in one photo, time raya pun tak dapat tau. So tadaaaa.. finally our complete family photo, including me, senyonyet kecik dalam telefon tu. Chett

Ohh wait, Aina and naughty Alif were missing in this photo. Where were them both? Tak complete jugak LOL. Ahhhhhhh how I miss them all! Can't wait for the next event, le Reception!

For more photos, just visit their website at blog.mukhrizudey.com.

P.s. My face was too small on Skype, bunga atas kepala Airis dengan Aila lagi besar kottt. Penat senyum tauuuu. Alkisahnya, le pengantin was too busy, forgot to pay Unifi, ended up tak boleh Skype pakai Ipad mak, dan Ipad-Ipad yang pakai line lain masing-masing tak boleh pakai jugak since takde line kat atas bukit tuh! Why oh whyyyyy

with love,

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