Friday, 22 November 2013

Weekend project DIY: Pen holder.

So I've bought a pen holder since I couldn't bring all my colour pens in huge pencil case like I did in Malaysia, because it is way too inconvenience, and people start staring, like.. I have to change this colour to that colour when writing notes during lecture when the others only use one or two colours, then suddenly my pen dropped on the floor, and I couldn't reach it myself I have to ask whoever sat in front of me. Blurghh leceh. Plus, the size of the table is like soooo limited that I couldn't sepahkan all my pens on the table and choose what colour I want. Sedih!

So yea, I have to think of another way to cheer myself up, I might not be able to bring all complete colours during lecture, but I have to place it nicely, atleast. So I've bought this and it is totally kayu. I was not so happy since it didn't really match with my room theme (I love white these days, I don't know why!) So, I painted it white using water colour. That's the easiest and cheapest way after all!

I planned to decorate it more but DIY thingy are kinda expensive here, I wonder why. But this is enough, as long as it matches my room, I couldn't be more happier! :D

P.s. Don't ever ask me the cost of that pen holder.
P.s.p.s. and I started to paint all of my things white, the recent one; mirror frame.

with love,

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