Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rindu, rindu, rindu.

It is hard to lie in front of kids. Before I came here, I didn't know how to explain to Alya that I have to leave for a year, so I lied, told her that I will be back on 'Saturday, 365 days later.' Of course, she is just a kid, she wouldn't understand. 

So, she waited. On Friday the week I left, she excitedly mentioned "Esok hari Sabtu, Aunty Yan balik esok!". But I didn't. And she was sooooo merajuk with me and didn't even want to see me on Skype. sobs. 

But when I was about to hang up, she was longer merajuk, so we've become friends again.

To know that Alya have bought a pair of sandals the same pattern, same colour as my purple Fitflops simply melt my heart. And upon her request, applied thick eyeliners just like me before make a performance on stage on her graduation day is the ultimate lovely things she has done. 

She is a big girl now. All of them are.

Auww I miss all of you kiddos to the aquaria and back because to the moon is too mainstream. hehehee

P.s. Sponsor ticket balik Malaysia pleaseeee.

With love,

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