Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Last week.

So, this is kinda summary of what I did or happened for the last whole week. It was pretty meaningful week and we were quite busy. And see how my mood swings from all of these simple little things. PMS mungkin?

From left to right;
  1. Despite mid-term test that we have this week, we still need to sacrifice our weekend, attended 2 days class, located 25 minutes walk through the muddy forest, and with no light from the street or torchlight, the night couldn't be more scarier! 
  2. Yea, enjoyed homemade dessert while watching drama. Sempat je kannn.
  3. I love to decorate my room, so I bought this cupcakes holder which I went to so many shops but couldn't find the perfect size, I kept on thinking about it and tadaaa.. thank god Amazon has it! 
  4. And again, idea came when it seems like I really have to do something to cover my window from Farid neighbours, so instead of cover it with wallpaper, I replaced it with small curtain and I am so satisfied with the outcome! Don't copy my idea!
  5. Pokok mati. Too much water poured I guess.
  6. Study group at my place on Sunday, finally baru nak buka buku kannn. Bagus.
  7. November 25th, 4.52 p.m. the class ended and we walked out from the building, we saw snowflakes dancing and slowly covering the ground. Yes, my first snow ever!
  8. Mood study: OFF. Snowy outside, I sat in front of the window, enjoyed a cup of oldtown white coffee malaysia mariiii. Heaven!
  9. The next day we had a test. I did bad hahaa. No good, no good. That evening, I bought new pokok to replace the old one. Happy!

So yea, despite cold weather, I enjoyed it so much, and its freaking snowing kottt. First time. Hexcited!

with love,

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