Sunday, 10 November 2013

In Mannheim.

9 November 2013.

Jalan, jalan, jalan. Memang ktorang di taja pergi Germany untuk jalan dan shopping je heheehe. So this time blame Wan for dragging us all the way to Mannheim to meet his seniors. Fine, ktorang actually risau kalau-kalau Wan kena culik jalan sorang-sorang lalalaa.

Mannheim is actually the second-largest city in Baden-Württemberg, after StuttgartIt is unusual among German cities in that its streets and avenues are laid out in a grid pattern, leading to its nickname "die Quadratestadt" a.k.a. city of the squares

So yesterday we've visited the 18th century large Baroque palace in Mannheim which is now houses the Uni of Mannheim. Untunglaa uni lawaaa! Well, uni of Mannheim is actually considered to be the best business school in Germany. 

Apart from that, the civic symbol of Mannheim is der Wasserturm, a water tower just east of the city centre.

It was really a fun day trip to Mannheim. Make new Malaysian friends yang kinda sengal-sengal bomba sket, fefeeling Malaysia sangat. I think the real agenda for that day was to makan! Seriously we ate over and over again.

I've been craving for macaroons and couldn't find one in Stuttgart (seriously Stuttgart??), thank god I don't have to wait for our trip to Paris to eat Ladurée which I don't know when its going to happen. Thanks Kuiz for treating us those yummy macaroons! Thanks to the others too bawak ktorang jalan-jalan pusing Mannheim.

Okla, fine, thanks jugak la dekat Wan sebab bawak ktorang sekali balik kampung halaman. But still, jangan lupa belanja ktorang coffee tau sebab temankan! ;)

P.s. So sorry for the low quality photos, dah elok charge bateri camera the night before, lupe bawak pulak! The photos were taken by using Galaxy S4 and Note 2. So I kinda mess up with the pixels and what not. Mohon mengerti. sobs.

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