Sunday, 3 November 2013

In Frankfurt.

26 October 2013.

Hello peeps! So, last weekend we've planned to go to Interlaken but plan changed at the very last minute when Wan had to attend a seminar in Frankfurt. So, except Fatin who suddenly had class on Friday, pity her, we followed him to Frankfurt for two days one night, stayed at his juniors' house.

From Stuttgart Hbf, we took off at 9 a.m. and then walked to the helal Thai Restaurant for lunch as soon as we arrived around 1 p.m. There are a lot of helal markets and restaurants can easily be found compared to Stuttgart. Pendek kata memang bersepah la, tak ada problem nak makan pun!

After performed sholat, we walked from the town, along the river and to the Römer, Frankfurt Cathedral and St. Paul's Church. 

And the best part is always.. shopping time! I've seduced, oh I mean introduced Primark to Farah and Aina, and guess what, they love Primark too! I mean, who doesn't, right? I've regained the feelings of how excited I was when I entered Primark for the first time in the UK 4 years ago. Murah gile kott. Stayed in the UK for a month, I went to Primark so often that I wish I can open a Primark store in Malaysia! 

After spent hours there, we had dinner at Nur Kuala Lumpur which is about 20 minutes from the town by bus. The food was.. hmm just fine. Not as good as I've been told, probably cause they've made some changes with new staff and what not, so I give 6.5 stars out of 10, their nasi lemak was delicious tho.

So that was the end of our trip to Frankfurt. At 9 p.m., after Wan checked in the hotel, with full of guilt for not being able to send us to Mannheim as promised, he sent us to the hauptbahnhof and waited till the train took off to Mannheim, for a night stay at his juniors' place. Couldn't thank them enough for letting us stay for one night at their place! 

The next day, to Heidelberg. Till then! ;)

P.s. to 2PM fans, I've been told that 2PM boys have visited Germany or to be specific Frankfurt, on the same day I went there. When I checked back their instagram account, indeed they were in Frankfurt, and the best part is, they were there on the same day and at the same location I was, but not at the same time. Sigh, BIG SIGHHH.

with love,

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