Friday, 11 October 2013

Ritter Sport SchokoMuseum, Waldenbuch.

 11 October 2013.

Hello peeps! The exam is over, so do German Intensive course for level A1. On our final day of class, we've made another excursion and this time with Frau Aida, to well-known chocolate Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum which is located at Waldenbuch, 25 minutes from city centre. 

From the first to the third generation, the Ritter family business takes a look back a numerous historical milestones throughout its 100 years of history. Founded in Canstatt, Stuttgart in 1912, it is now the second largest chocolate bar manufacturer in Germany.

 .. and my preference packaging..

Chocolate and me are so inseparable. I've bought all of these for less than 8 Euro, can you imagine that?? Definitely gonna be my choice for 'hantaran' for my wedding, which I don't know when it's going to happen hahaa. #ohmycalon!

Anyway to my fellow classmates in Group 3 A1, thank you for the great memories and good luck in everything. Don't forget to have fun while you can!

With love,

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