Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An evening with..

Well, well, well. Some of you might have no idea who he is.. Budak-budah UiTM tahu la kot. He is actually our Vice Chancellor dekat UiTM, mana-mana student UiTM yang dapat anugerah Naib Canselor tu, ni lah tuan punya gelaran hehee.

He is also a visiting lecturer and this is his 14th year at Uni Stuttgart. Since we never got a chance to join his class in Malaysia, and siap kena ugut potong gaji kalau tak attend class dia heheehe. But it is such a pleasure to be able to join his lecture even we had to skip our German Language class once. Memang ada kelassss, totally worth it.

For a few days, we all main masak-masak. Dah lama tak makan nasi dengan kari, Tan Sri masak kari lagi makan ramai-ramai.. Perghh heaven sangat! Lepas tu pekena teh tarik pulak, pun Tan Sri yang buat special punya.. Terharu ktorg tau dapat makan makanan Malaysia. Lepas ni janji ktorg masak sendiri pulak!

And the most important thing is, I've finally got a chance to thank him personally for giving me the opportunity to further my Master studies here. Because if it wasn't because of him back then, I am not here where I am now. Sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ayahanda! :)

P.s. Prof Razak Mohaideen pun ada sekali untuk shoot documentary pasal our VC. Tak nak amik ktorg berlakon ke Prof? hehee

With love,

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