Sunday, 25 August 2013

Blue Moon 2013 CNBLUE World Tour live in Malaysia.

"P.s. Unless if it is CNBLUE, I will have to break my promise once. Ouch." that was what I wrote, a promise to myself from my last kpop concert entry posted last year. I've promised to stop doing all these kpop thingy, after all, I am not that young to do these things like I used to. I am 27 this year for god sake, I can even join ahjuhma fanclub after this! Hahaa.

I've watched many groups and of course my favourite boys, live, from Super Junior to 2PM, and then FT Island, most anticipated group Bigbang which introduced me to kpop world in year 2007, and finally.. CNBLUE!

I was at first thought that I might not be able to watch them live at all, afraid that the date of the concert might clash with my departure date. But tadaaaa! A week gap between both dates are enough for me to catch up the concert, watch the real final kpop concert in my life. Thanks to Nurul for selling those VVIP tickets to me, at a very low price! Hehee

Crazy stuff, this is gonna be the last, and I went all out! Termasuk tampal sticker dekat pipi tu hahaa *mula-mula nak suruh tampal kat dahi tutup pimple tu kott
I've selected a few best photos taken from my phone. Unfortunately my location was on the right side where the lead guitarist, Jonghyun stood. So I have more photos of him and Jonghwa the lead singer, less photos of my bias Jungshin the bassist.. sobs, and the drummer Minhyuk, he was way too far at the back!

Let the photos do all the talking. Just enjoy the photos and videos uploaded!

Being able to see Jungshin with my naked eyes though it was very difficult to snap his photos as he ran around the stage without stop, and when he was so close, camera started to capture only blurry images of him.. Big sigh. Nervous breakdown I guess tehee. But he was the one who spoke most of the time, used a lot of bahasa malaysia, and impressively, he did well! Kudos to Jungshin!

Well since Jonghyun was on my side, plus he is the lead guitarist which I always focus on in one group, I could see Jonghyun so often that I might fall in love with him! That's why, Jungshin, you shouldn't cut your long hair! Sayanggggg

Yonghwa was very entertaining and funny! He even did beatboxing and asked us to follow him. Minhyuk was so cute with 'Pagi-pagi saya suka mikan nasi lemak' which means 'In the morning, I love to eat Nasi Lemak.' but used word mikan instead of makan. Nice try, Minhyuk hehee.

So that was the end of the concert. I've enjoyed it so much I couldn't describe. Thank you for the awesome performances and wonderful night. Thank you for coming to Malaysia, thank you for coming just before I leave. Thank you for making my wish to see you guys perform live on stage came true. Yikes!

Thank you so muchhhhhh! ♥

*  *  *  *

Super Junior, 2PM, FTIsland, Bigbang, and CNBLUE. I've completed my wishlist, mission accomplished!

So here I am announcing, this is my last entry as kpop fan. In another few years, I might listen to their songs again once in a while, enjoy their music as much as I do now, because I believe music is universal regardless of different languages we use. And I hope I can still practice and use Korean language that I've learned in future.

I am officially over with kpop thingy and fangirling, and I think I can continue my Master studies abroad HAPPILY WITH NO REGRETS! ;)

P.s. When I turned to korean tv programme on television, I realized that I can no longer recognize new faces and rookie groups, and I am not familiar with their new songs. So I believe this is the perfect time to make this decision. But of course, you can still reach links of my fan account attended various concerts on the side column ;)

P.s.p.s. Despite my decision on leaving kpop, I am still waiting for one person who has been doing military services for 2 years, and he has a few days left before being released.

Him. 5 days left, and I just can't waitttttt! :)
I am who used to be a kpop fangirl, 
accept as mentioned in the last part,

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