Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A teacher, an inspiration.


Couple of days ago, I had a little conversation with my former lecturer when I studied diploma in UiTM Sarawak via Facebook. I'm so glad that she still remember me after some years! Not only excellent in teaching, every word came out from her mouth always inspired us, the students. That's why she remains my favourite teacher until now. Sampai a few friends teased me, 'Hahh, mak Aya tu. Jangan main-main..' LOL those days.

The conversations were sincerely from my heart. And her puji-pujian tu maybe agak meninggi dari sebenarnya ihikks. Maybe sebab dia ajar best, so every semester dia ajar I boleh score paper dia. But if it wasn't because of her suggestion back then, never in my life have a thought of being an educator, a lecturer pulak tu! She inspires me to become one. She is that kind of person. Thank you for everything, Madam! ;)

With love,

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