Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My new baby.

Almost a year.. Well, 11 months to be exact. 11 MONTHS. I live without my own money. Since the moment I decided to resign from my job as an engineer, further master studies after been promised with scholarship. And it took only after 11 months to get the money. Can you imagine that? 

Have you ever imagine living your life without money? 
When you're stressed out with assignments, tests, exams, yet you can't release your tension by watching movie or shopping? 
When your phone has drowned in water yet you don't have the money to repair?  
Whenever you need to go to class, you have to ask the money from your mom.
When your insurance payment is overdue and you can only pay it a month after and give many excuses.
When your gym club called, asked for overdue payment, yet you have to borrow the money from your friend to pay and cancel the account.
When a parcel arrived and you are very certain it is not yours because you haven't surf online shopping website since ages because you know you will only be disappointed with it.
When you have to sit for exam yet you don't have the money to pay the fees, and you're very unfortunate to repeat the exam for few times.
When your facial cleanser and moisturizer are finished yet you can't afford to buy new one and all you have is free samples from different product. Ok, part ni sedih.
And whenever people asked 'have you gotten the money? when are you gonna get the money?' yet you couldn't answer because you don't know either.

Money is not everything, but Wallahi, everything needs money.

I, at one point had a thought to quit studying because it was way too difficult to me, beyond my capability, beyond my imagination, yet that is the reality and I have to face it.

Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me strength and sabr to keep on standing and believing on what is written, till the very end. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. For everything.

An iPad Mini for mom, thank you for always being there for me.
And Samsung Note II for me!

Well, Samsung Note II was supposed to be my reward when I got my bonus after a year working, a year before. Yet I've used the money to pay for school fees. Now that I got the payment back, here you go, Samsung Note II for me. yayyy!

Congratulations, you've come so far, Azyan.

With love,

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