Monday, 22 July 2013

In Bandung.

Assalamualaykum. Hello, my blog! It's been a while, right? Well, the exam is over, I've presented my project in front of panel from the industry, and submitted the report to the supervisor, so yeah, I am officially on holiday! It feels kinda weird that I have nothing to do now. Accept that I can start baking kuih raya yikes! and of course, update this blog, finally. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad that this second semester ended smoothly.

Well, it was veeeeeery hectic weeks I had with pack schedules after I came back from Bandung. Tests, assignments, project after project, presentations, and as soon as the last lecture week came to the end, 4 days later, final exam weeks begun. I've spent most of my time in Shah Alam, and sometimes slept over at Farah's house. Can't thank her enough for having me all these times. I love you! :D

By the way, speaking of Bandung. I had a great time in Bandung although the main purpose was to find 'kain baju pengantin' for Adik and kain ela for the family. In 5 days, we've spent 4 days at Pasar Baru to buy all of these things! hahaa, women. But, but, but. If you're planning to get married and buy the kain ela in large quantities, don't go to Jakel or Gulati's or whatsoever, I sincerely recommend you to shop at Bandung because everything is cheap, many choices, good quality, and really. WORTH IT. Trust me.

So, let's start the journey! We took off on Wednesday (ponteng kelas 3 hari kot!) to Jakarta, planned to visit a few places before we set of to Bandung, but I was not feeling well, again, woman, so we went straight away to Bandung without being able to take a glance of Jakarta town. Sayangnyee. Terbaring dalam van/mini bus je.

The journey from Jakarta to Bandung took about 4 hours, and traffic jammed only on the opposite side heading to Jakarta. On the drizzling day we had that day with greenish scenery on the both sides, very lovely, and I fell asleep again. hehee

We arrived at Aston Braga Hotel & Residence located at Braga Street, one of the most well recognized Bandung tourist attractions in the city. It takes only 10 minutes walking distance to Pasar Baru, near to Rumah Moda factory outlet, airport and others.

That's my sis, the van/mini bus we've rode on, more than enough space for 5 of us.
Here's our hotel/apartment!

The interior. Very comfy.
The view from the apartment.
So as soon as we've checked in the hotel and performed solat, we've went straight away to Pasar Baru to survey the place, what to buy at what level and what not, until we were tired and the shops were about to close. Then we headed back to our hotel and stopped at the cafe near the hotel and had our dinner.

On the way to Pasar Baru.
The view from Pasar Baru.
Muka kepenatan semuanya. hehee
So the real tiring day started on the next day.. and the day after. 2 days in a row! Abang Nan dah surrender awal-awal lagi, main golf lagi baik. Hahaa.

So after 2 days at Pasar Baru, the mission for the wedding event was almost accomplished, we went to Bali Heaven for early dinner and spa session, and believe me, the massage service was really good. Highly recommended!

The next day, again we went to Pasar Baru, and in the afternoon, we went to Rumah Moda and Anakecil to buy new clothes for nieces and nephews. Biasala.. anak-anak buah ramai sangattt.

On a clear Saturday, instead of going to the well-known Tangkuban Perahu, we decided to go to Kawah Putih, located about 50 km south of Bandung in West Java, and took about 2 hours journey from the hotel. The local climate was quite cold since the place is located thousands meters above sea level.

And tadaaaaa! this is Kawah Putih. MasyaAllah.. I was so captivated and kept on snapping photos, not to missed any part of it. Magnificent scenery.

Well the smell of sulfur was quite strong, and we were advised to wear mask and not to stay too long at the site to avoid breathing problem. What a waste. but still, lawa sangatttttttttt.

An hour later, we headed to Situ Patengan and the journey took about half an hour, mostly surrounded with tea plantation. Feeling Cameron Highlands sangat.. walaupun tak pernah sampai sana hikhik.

We've planned for strawberry picking on that day, but it was raining out of sudden, and we were so hungry, so had our lunch instead. Habis licin makanan. Sodap!

The journey went back to the hotel was way too tiring compared to the earlier. Probably Pak supir tried to avoid traffic crawling along the road, but still ended up trapped in traffic jam because of football match held on the same day, nearby. Teenagers, old folks, kids, men, women, they are so passionate about football. Siap duduk atas bumbung van lagi, nyanyi-nyanyi lagu bola diorang..

Only after 4 hours we were able to arrive at the destination. We went to Kartika Sari factory to buy brownies and other products for souvenirs. That night, we took the chance to walk along Braga Street, but perhaps it was too late, the shops were mostly closed. Baru ingat boleh jumpa artis hahaa.

So, that was not the end. The next day before we took off, we went to Pasar Baru, again, for the forth time, bought some souvenirs to the family. Gila kannnn! hahaa.

So yea, that was the end of our journey. The end result? 

Hmm.. Not bad  ;-)

Lotsa love,


Amalsaima R said...

hv never been to bandung, but i've asked my parents like almost every year to bring me there. it seems like such a relaxing and beautiful place esp based on ur photos. :)

follow my blog and youtube channel? it would mean so much to me <3

ayapunyacinta said...

Hi Amalsaima,

I myself always thought that Bandung is all about shopping. never expect Bandung would be so calm and peaceful, until we had roadtrip to from Jakarta to Bandung. very greenish and lovely. and if you're a nature lover, do visit Kawah Putih. so mesmerising!