Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First experience as GE voter.


13th General Election. I've never thought I would be so excited over political issues. I guess I am matured enough to decide what is the best for the country, and for the PEOPLE. 

My first experience as a new voter; the anonymous flashmobs held throughout the country, 'Hon tanda setuju' by anak-anak muda, the moment when people passed by and honked endlessly, then I knew there are actually plenty of people out there want to change. I was so thrilled myself honking when I saw these people stood along the roadside and proudly flew the flags. Priceless.

So the day before election, my family and I went back to Terengganu to cast vote in Kemaman (this is the third time already).  Traffic jammed for more than one hour along Karak Highway didn't stop us to feel the excitement, especially when we saw the PR flags, 'Ini Kalilah' slogan at most of the cars. Gambar UAI pun ada. LOL

We've stayed at Holiday Villa, Cherating for 2 days, and the most excited person was Alya!

Makan goreng pisang paling sedap di alam semesta di tepi kolam. Yummmm!
Siap disuruh mandi bunga lagi hahhh
We've passed by Chukai to have dinner, and there were a lot of people along the roadside, and one of the interesting thing to watch..
THIS! Siap menyala2 lagi time malam. Adoyaii macam-macam.

The D-day. We went to the beach to enjoy the scenery before check out. 

So after lunch, we went straight to cast our vote, and tadaaa!
I have done my part as Malaysian!

When I was walking on my way to cast a vote, a pakcik who was passing by after voted, he looked at me and smiled. "Assalamualaykum.. Ini Kalilah." I smiled and proudly replied, "Waalaikumussalam. Ini Kalilah."

My hands were trembling and my head went blank for a while when I see the names, and which parties to vote. With Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I cast my vote, and carefully put it in the ballot boxes. What an experience!

After enjoyed keropok lekor and air kelapa near the beach, we went back to KL to wait for the result.

*  *  *  *


Very obviously, Malaysians seek the truth. In seeing this as a crucial factor, obviously, Malaysians want to be consciously informed and responsible citizens. Aren't the actions of the mainstream media a disgrace to honourable, responsible and accountable journalism?

In fact, it's no more a question of win or lose. Neither is it a racial question. Malaysians have most definitely shown they have risen to a more mature level through GE13. Malaysians through GE13 have come out winners in coming out courageously to speak through their votes and they have spoken loud and clear.

The process of GE13 was a total outrage against the integrity and the dignity of the human person. Responsibility, accountability and a sincere love for the nation is the only way for the truth to be told courageously.

- taken from Malaysiakini.com

 *  *  *  *

I myself, as much as I feel sad that this election was lost in such a painful way,  I am hoping that this is going to be a wake-up call to all politicians and Malaysians to create a better, tomorrow. Never, never, forget this: They may have formed the government but we are still the people. Malaysia is still bloody us, not Barisan, not Pakatan. Us.

الظلم قد يطول ولكنه ﻻ يدوم، والحق قد يضعف ولكنه ينتصر

Kegelapan, adakalanya berpanjangan. Namun ia tidak akan berterusan selamanya. Kebenaran adakalanya lemah. Namun ia menang sepanjang masa. 

P.s. In the darkest night, a blueprint for sunrise. This article is a must read.

P.s.p.s. My respect goes to Chinese people who wore green shirt and flew the PAS flag I saw couple of times, at different locations. This is Malaysia, and we are Malaysian.

 Say NO to RACISM.

With love,

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