Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bake and Order.


So, last night, Petot gave me a call, asked me a favour. To bake her cupcakes for her farewell party tomorrow. So it was quite a last minute request but yea.. tolong kawan la kann. Suddenly another call received, from Filla this time. She requested cupcakes to bring it back for her husband in Kedah. Auww. Fine. Another request that I couldn't say no to. In fact I've just remembered I have an appointment with dentist this morning, so I've rescheduled it next week. Korang punya pasal kann. Finee.

So these are the results of my Red Velvet cupcakes.


 Requested by Petot. Kinda comot though, sorry. Blame my anak-anak buah. Hehee

 Lonely Heart is now ready to eat! LONELY HEART?? Freudian comment LOL

Anyway, to order Red Velvet cupcakes, you can find my email here.

16 pieces for RM 50
25 pieces for RM 70
32 pieces for RM 85
(delivery is excluded. Extra charge for delivery service depends on location :)

With love,

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