Sunday, 21 April 2013

Die Blume, the mini project.

Closed friends always come to me asking for my ideas and opinion when it comes to decide on what to wear on their wedding day or to attend a wedding event, or even to transform their style for a complete different person. I don't know what they see in me but they always give their 200% trust on me to decide.. well, because they know I always be honest on whatever I see look good or not. I'm not sure if honest attitude is healthy or not, but I think its better to be honest than let them regret it later, kannn?

Well, I do love pretty and cute things, and I love DIY. But sometimes I just don't have much time to spend to DIY, eventhough my head is overloaded with so many ideas and things to do.

Today, after Subuh prayer, I've took out my sewing set, kain percas and whatever accessories I have, spent half an hour for my first attempt. 

 And after half an hour.. 


A classic look of flower.. and yea, I named it 'die Blume'. Pronunciation: di-blu-me.

It means 'the flower' in Deutsch, which I purposely use it, in the same time to practice the language.

This sub-project is soon to be introduced under the Scarf Royale, my abandoned online boutique. Hehee. Feel free to like that page, and  have a great day ahead! :D

With love,

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