Tuesday, 5 February 2013

In Baling Kedah and Penang.

Life is hard these days, in all aspects. Uncompleted thesis, unexpected project presentation, preparation for IELTS, personal problems, been fined by police officer for using mobile phone while driving! I hate you, Encik Polis. My fault, I've picked up an important phone call from deputy dean. BIGGG SIGH. Everything is so out of control. It is so hard that I wish I can run away from all of these.

I can't remember where the idea came from, Nenot and Petot asked me to join them to Baling, Kedah and Penang. I realized I need a gateaway to release stress, and after some thought, I've decided to accept the offer at the very last minute!


On Friday night, we started our 3 days 2 nights journey with 6 cars convoyed to Baling to attend Nenot's friend's wedding ceremony.

Right after the wedding, we went back to the Ahsana Homestay to packed up our stuffs before heading to Penang!

Well, this is considered to be my first time in Penang officially, since my very first time was when I was in standard 5, and I only passed through the Penang bridge. Kesian kannn! sobs.

Goodbye Penang, till we meet again.. when I've got posted to Penang to teach. hehee

So that's all for now. It was a short and low budget trip with limited period of time, but still, I had great fun! Thanks korang for bringing me along! I've got sunburn.

P.s. I've completed my thesis last night, y'all! Esok boleh print and submit yahoooo!

With love,

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