Monday, 25 February 2013

Genting Highland.

Assalamualaikum everyone! Hopefully you're all doing fine and are having a great day. My family and I were 'disappeared' last weekend for a short holiday to Genting since we've booked 4 rooms at First World hotel a month ago. Kak Layla's family was supposed to join us, however at the very last minute, they couldn't make it and we gave the extra room to our cousins, yayy!

The last time when we came with Abang Nan we've stayed at Awana Genting for 3 days, but Awana seems quite far from the theme parks, so we decided to stay nearer to be able to play all the rides and games provided. So these are some photos during our 2 days 1 night at Genting Highland. ENJOY!

Alif is applying lipbalm.
Alya's turn.
Our mommy.
First ride as soon as we reached there.
Our driver Danish.
With Ihre Mutter. hee
When you come with kids, this is one kind of ride you have to bear with.

Le sister.
Twins Aiman and Alisya.
On top of the top.
Dawn at Genting.
This 'thing' is creepy. Seriously.
After a long tiring day, enjoying sweet potatos while reading this in the hotel room is the best moment!
The next day after checked out, together with the sisters and cousins, and 2 kenits.

So that was all, nothing much.. I think we've played all the games outdoor and indoor for the whole day, till not so many people left at the theme parks, and we can stop coming for the next 2 years, unless they are planning to replace with the new rides, we'll think about it again. Till then, bye!

P.s. Honestly I didn't play much since I hate to ride anything that might cause me dizzy. 

With love,

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