Saturday, 1 December 2012

Childhood memories.

 “Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”- Julian Barnes

I cannot remember too much from my young childhood,

besides the warm feeling from the days my mom would pick me up from grade school till high school by car when our home was just about 1 km walk,
grandmother taught me how to ride a bike and I fell in the bushes,
and the moment when I fell into a wide drainage when I was trying to cross it by riding 'ponny',
played getah, anak kang and tingting with childhood friends at badminton court in front of our house till Maghrib,
and sometimes I hosted parties and organized singing and story-telling competition and invited everyone to join in with great prizes await,
we cycled to the library every Saturday, spent an hour to read books and went to play at the playground and to ate keropok lekor and air kelapa.
we would spend our holidays with cousins in KL whenever we have school break,
friended with a group of popular girls in primary school and we ate at our spot under the tree.
the 'innocent' side of me when I tried to make extra money, I've bought stationery at normal price using the money I've collected about RM10, and after the items were all sold out, I only got RM2 in return. My business ruined.
we would eat fried chicken and satay for dinner almost everyday since Abah was a well-known tauke of the 'Sajian Bistari' back in Kemaman, and cikgu-cikgu would requested Abah to sponsor those whenever we have class party
And I've been called 'anak tauke'. And 'ayam' and 'zirafah' because of my name. Kids..

Well, childhood life was great. 

And those photos reminded me of how we were so into the powerful team of Power Rangers, Maskmen and Flashmen. Siap tape cerita lagi. hahaa. Those days.

omg. LOL

With love,

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