Sunday, 23 December 2012

23.12.2012 Cousin Nisa's Engagement Day.

 Got engaged to a Singaporean, both families came with cute pink and blue theme. My favourite, the candy booth. I can never say no to RV cupcakes, cookies and rainbow cake!

Congrats Nisa!

The good news is; seems like 4 big weds among relatives are gonna happen next year! Combine wedding cousin Nisa and her youngest sis Nana, so we're expecting its gonna be a pretty big event, plus attend the wedding on their Singapore side. Cousin Saddiq from Sarawak also in the wedding list, so yeah, we're gonna fly to Kuching. oh I miss Kuching, and Sweekang! And.. and.. my sis. my youngest sis. Ja, ich bin ernst! She's gonna get married sooo next year. Before me. Hmm.. Well, I accept that fact, and I see prezzie!

The bad news is; It is all gonna happen end of the year. When I am not around, well, if that really happen. If you don't know what I mean, check it out here. There is no possible way to come back to Malaysia and take part. Including my sis' wedding. Sad. very sad. Huwaaaaaaaa.

Noted. NOTED.

 I need therapy. I need peaceeeeee! I need to find a man. And I need motivation. 

Great catches during Big Bad Wolf. Soooooo gonna read these when semester comes to the end, especially, that one. On top. As for now, final exams... please be good to me. Yayy, da nak final! Thesis tak siap-siap lagiiii. Stresssssssss.

Not-in-the-right-state-of-mind me,

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