Sunday, 14 October 2012

My current song.

My current favourite song, playing in repetitive. 121 times on iTunes after 2 days, tak termasuk the performances I watched on Youtube. My sis pun dah nak muntah dengar I pasang lagu ni.

Oh ohh, this has nothing to do with Malay drama airing on TV3 now, I tak tengok tv.. sobs. I tahu pun lepas tengok comments made by viewers. I was coincidentally clicked on it, and fall in love with this song. Jiwang, yeaa.. But seriously, this couple is so romantic, like a real couple.

And after some research one of the reason.. hmm because of Andhika, he is cute :p Found out that both of them are married! No wonder la, they have the chemistry.. ok broken heart sekarang!

And thennn, I read, the female singer, Ussy is 31 with a daughter, and Andhika is 25 y-o! Oh wait, don't you understand? Don't you understand??? The age gap is nothing compared to their love! 

Ok, both of them make a great couple. Saluteee!

With love,

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