Sunday, 28 October 2012

BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 in Malaysia.

The hardest part was during ticket purchasing process in August. When people were queueing sooooo long to get the concert ticket at Fahrenheit, and I was at home, tried to purchase it online, it was from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. in front of lappie, and only around 6.30 p.m. we were able to secure 6 tickets. And it was fasting month!

And yesterday, the most awaiting concert finally happened on October 27, on my birthday y'all! I repeat, ON MY BIRTHDAY! And I celebrated it with B to the I to the G to the BANG BANG! It was held at Stadium Merdeka, their first outdoor concert ever!

Other than Big Bang Theory I've learned in Science, and of course Big Bang Theory series, I've been introduced to this Bigbang in 2007 when I coincidentally clicked on their Lies MV on Youtube 5 years ago. It was like love on the first sight. I fell in love with that song, and that was the moment I've realized the existence of what they've called Kpop. So after 5 years, they were finally here last night!

Excited, however, we were at disappointment when we saw the distance of the stage from our seats. How far? Thiiiiiiiiiiiis far.

Great. The furthest seat that I've ever got during concert! But it was getting more exciting and thrilling when drizzling rain fell to the ground just before the concert started. 

Excited. and wet.
When the spotlights of the stadium turned off, an ocean of yellow lightsticks lightened up the stadium.

They sang about 25 songs include Alive, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, Tonight, Heaven, Last Farewell, Blue, Hands Up etc, solo songs by the members G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri and Daesung, and of course my favourites Monster, Love Song, Haru Haru and Lies

And the mission of blue lightsticks from VIPs during Blue song was a success when the whole stadium changed to blue ocean!

Double awesomeness.
And suddenly the VIPs sang Happy Birthday to me my bias TOP, for his upcoming birthday on November 4th. He looked quite surprise and thankful, so did I. Somewhat felt like they sang it to me. Perasan. After all, they sang it to my bias, so we got something in common, at least lalalaaa :p

TOP. my ex-colleague Kak Aisyah who sat at VIP seat whassap-ed these photos. A real VIP! Thanks akakkkk!
TOP from my view. sobs.
So that was how the concert ended. It was way too cool and awesome to describe in words. 

TOP was wearing red pants and black shirt in this, coincidentally I wore the same combination too. yikes!
Love how they put a lot of efforts arrived in KL 2 days before the concert and rehearsed. Compare to other concerts I went, Bigbang has learned so many Malay words in such a limited time. Random 'Malaysia Maju' especially, hahaa too cute I must say. Taeyang's rapping version of 'Aku cinta padamu' was funny and cute at the same time. See below.

credit to nur afizan

Love how they never stopped giving all their best despite rain, especially Taeyang when he slipped and almost hurt himself due to wet stage. Instead of singing minus one, I love how they brought the band together and sang it live. I mean, real, LIVE. And I really love the different arrangements they've made in their songs! They really did it great. 

And the chants and the screams from VIPs were awesomeeeeeeeee! 

I don't have awesome photos to post since I was way too far from the stage. sobs. However I've collected some awesome fancams taken from youtube during Bigbang Alive Tour Concert in Singapore. Not in Malaysia, thou. Couldn't find the best ones. Sorry.

Fantastic Baby


Haru Haru

credits to owner tjbanks.

So that was how I celebrated my 26th birthday. I've finally met the group which introduced me to Kpop, Bigbang, so I am glad to announce that this is the last concert I've attended. 

Thank you for entertaining me for the past 5 years. I will still love the old Kpop music, but in moderate way, perhaps. 

P.s. Unless if it is CNBLUE, I will have to break my promise once. Ouch.

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